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Mensajes - Hessen

The second game between me and Lavillorar.
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The first game between me and Ardid. A classic Fellowship sprint vs Shadow blitz that ended up to be the most tense game of mine in the tournament. (Only to be quickly surpassed by our second game!)

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¡Enhorabuena a Christian, y muchas gracias a todos los organizadores y co-jugadores!

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The logs have been sent already.
Hessen(PL) vs Lagoon(LS)

Gandalf the White appearing on the first turn helped the Fellowship to sprint to Mordor while Sauron stroke against Gondor. Shelob hit for 5 and Shadow was closing in for the 10 VP, needing to finish 3 sieges to get it. Frodo pushed on with a daring dash against a bunch of eyes, and was in the grace of valar drawing Smeagol Helps Nice Master and Phial of Galadriel. Next turn the grace continued by giving enough movement and keeping him hidden on the important second last move and so Middle-earth was free of Sauron.
“Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Three for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,

The Fellowship sprinted past Moria in two turns, also getting Gandalf back as White. The Fellowship broke soon after that, Legolas wanted then to go Lórien and a hobbit to Fangorn to meet Gandalf. Also Strider decided it was time to leave the life as a northern ranger behind and become what he was meant to be: the heir of Isildur. Meanwhile Saruman was sending armies to Rohan but Helm's Deep and Edoras were not attacked yet. Once the attacks came, Helm's Deep fell swiftly to Uruk-Hai but Edoras was prepared though eventually giving in the combined power of Isengard and Mordor.

The diminished Fellowship continued and diminished a bit more whenGimli fell for Frodo. Boromir guided the three hobbits to Minas Tirith. A quick rest there and the quest continued. Cruel Weather hit them but Nazgul Strike was a miss. Gondor and Elves mustered to war.

All Shadow special tiles were soon in the pool but the Fellowship had only few corruption. The red 3 stopped them but then Sauron became obsessed to get what was his but for no good: Isildur's Bane and Orc Patrol both drew an eye, one of each colour! Gollum was soon guide though but Frodo was well prepared and rested.

In Gondor Sauron faced a serious setback. Gandalf had come to defence of Minas Tirith which draw the attention of Witch-king and Mouth of Sauron. The walls of the White City were thick and well defended though. Grond was brought in but it depleted shadow's forces, after which the defenders sortied and Sauron lost two of his minions.

In Mordor Frodo advanced slowly but steadily towards the Mount Doom. Give It to Uss! was only another mild hindrance. With Mithril Coat and Sting Frodo was prepared to finish the quest. Shelob's Lair was found in Mount Doom but with the Mithril Coat and Sting he drove her away and Frodo determinedly tossed the Ring to the fires of Mount Doom ending the reign of Sauron.

[I played Free Peoples by the way.]

Thank you all for the tournament, you are a great bunch of people and I enjoyed greatly playing with you. Special thanks to Antonio, it was great to have a chance to play face to face (outside of the tournament). And thanks for Tigre for organising the whole thing.

PS. If you wish to see my hand in the games I played, my password when playing the Free Peoples was EFPH, and ESPH when Shadow.
Thanks everybody, I had a fun run in the tournament. Special thanks to you, Tigre, for doing this.
Carles and I finished our game yesterday. The Fellowship stayed ahead in the race and although 3 red tiles were drawn in Mordor Frodo had just enough strength to undo the Ring.
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