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Plaid Hat Games se va de Asmodee
« en: 06 de Marzo de 2020, 13:42:00 »
No es noticia nueva (salió esta semana) pero veo que no hay hilo en el foro para hablarlo.

Plaid Hat Games (Mice & Mystics, Fábulas de Peluche, Dead of Winter) vuelve a ser un estudio independiente. En 2015 fue adquirida por F2Z Entertainment, y en 2016 ésta fue absorbida por Asmodee. El peaje para volver a ir por libre ha sido dejar las licencias de casi todo lo gordo que habían hecho últimamente (los mencionados antes más la marca de los libro-aventuras, Raxxon, Tras la Caída y Battlelands). Los juegos que se mantiene bajo Asmodee los mantendrán FFG y Z-Man.

También se va de Plaid Hat Isaac Vega (Dead of Winter, Ashes, Bioshock Infinite). Su último juego para Plaid Hat, Forgotten Waters, también va a ser el primero que lancen de forma independiente.



In 2015 the Asmodee Group acquired Plaid Hat Games along with Z-Man games as part of the F2Z acquisition, an acquisition that brought with it the rights to publish key titles in Plaid Hat’s catalog, including Mice and Mystics and Dead of Winter.

Since that time Plaid Hat Games has continued to create and develop new game titles for publication and distribution by Asmodee. Notable titles from Plaid Hat Games during that time include Stuffed Fables and Aftermath, which are both members of the Adventure Book Games line.

On the 19th of February 2020 Plaid Hat Games’ Head of Studio and Founder – Colby Dauch and the Asmodee Group reached an agreement wherein Dauch reacquired the independent rights to the Plaid Hat Games brand and the publication rights to many, but not all, of Plaid Hat's current and past titles.

Asmodee retains the rights to publish the following game titles: Dead of Winter, Raxxon, Mice and Mystics, Stuffed Fables, Aftermath, and Battlelands. Asmodee has also retained the rights to the Adventure Book Games brand. Going forward, Dead of Winter and Raxxon will be published and supported by Fantasy Flight Games.

Mice and Mystics, Stuffed Fables, Aftermath, and Battlelands will be published and supported by Z-Man games. Both Fantasy Flight Games and Z-Man Games are publishers belonging to the Asmodee Group.

Colby Dauch, Founder of Plaid Hat Games, commented: “These past years within the Asmodee Group have been amazing and I am excited to continue to lead Plaid Hat Games into the future. I am thankful to the many kind and creative people I’ve had the opportunity to work with at Asmodee and look forward to continuing our relationships with Asmodee's distribution units throughout the world.”

ESi queréis indagar más, en esta entrada el fundador comenta lo que supone esto para la empresa:


El futuro inmediato:

Forgotten Waters is our first offering as a newly independent studio.  It is a Crossroads Game developed by Isaac Vega and other key, long-time, members of our staff – J. Arthur Ellis and Mr. Bistro.  It represents the most time and energy we’ve ever poured into single title and it is an absolute riot.  Consider visiting preorder.fwcrossroads.com to learn more about it.

Jerry Hawthorne has been named Chief Creative Officer at our studio and he is already hard at work on a new charming, narrative-driven adventure that we are expecting to be ready for release sometime later next year.

I am revisiting Summoner Wars (!) and have some big plans around launching a second edition, so be on the lookout for more information coming on that.

We are reviving the Plaid Hat Podcast as a way to connect with our customers and give them insight into the creative process that goes on behind the scenes at Plaid Hat Games