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World cup! en Kickstarter
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Por si a alguien le interesa.
Reimplementación del juego viejuno "The world cup game" en el que se simula un Mundial de fútbol.

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World Cup! allows players to replay historic soccer tournaments, with control over a number of countries in the competition. The goal is to use strategy, power, and a bit of luck to guide one of your teams to soccer’s ultimate prize!

This reprint of The World Cup Game will shift the design to a card-only format, allowing for more portability, but will maintain the original design of the board game. The revised game will also create individual team abilities, allow players to create their own tournaments (where teams from different eras can face off), and for the first time, allow players to replay the Women’s World Cup.

Players select a number of teams to play throughout the tournament and are dealt "game cards" which add actions (goals, corner kicks, fouls, etc.) to each game. As many games are played simultaneously, players must determine which teams to support on each turn. Each team also has a special ability that gives uniqueness and flavor to the game.

The object of the game is to have one of your teams win the World Cup! Players can replay recent tournaments, or customize tournaments by mixing teams from different eras.


Re:World cup! en Kickstarter
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Quedan 7 días y aún no esta fundado...

Tuve interés en la versión anterior y quisiera saber como irá en solitario.