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Han sacado via Backerkit una nueva expansión de Spirit island. Si ya con la ultima era absurda la cantidad de material que aportaba con esta ya es directamente un sinsentido, hay que jugar mil partidas antes de que lo que se vende en esta expansión merezca la pena... pero el coleccionismo está ahi, todos los sabemos.

Como novedad por lo menos esta vez el envio incluye el IVA por que en los ultimos era absurdo lo que te encarecía el proyecto por dos promos extras que te puedes hacer con dos cartones de cereales.


Y como lo veis de precio?
Se va a 300 lo jugable (con las foil incluidas que no puedes quitarteas al menos de momento)

Los portes de eso unos 20/30.


Pues hoy es el último dia para hacer el pledge de este juego.



En un principio me llamó la antencion con el cyberpunk, mecácnica curiosa y opcion de no tener que comprar las minis SI o SI.

Lo que me ha quitado el hype es (aparte de la estética que es algo muy personal) el hecho de que algunos SG sean material jugable que tengas que pagar por separado, publicandolo casi al final de la campaña. Y es que el base salia por unos "contenidos" 66€ que a día de hoy no se antojan un despropósito. Pero claro, pasan a ser 90 si quieres tenerlo completo. Mas el envío claro, que a dia de hoy no se sabe cuanto vale si optas por meter el ultimo material publicado.

Buenas gente.
Compre una edicion de alea de castillos de Borgoña de segunda zarpa y me acabo de dar cuenta de que me faltan algunos tableros.

En concreto me faltan los que muestran el numero 2 y su reverso.
El 6 y su reverso 7.

Si alguien pudiera escanearlos o pasarme algun enlace estaria agradecido.

Muchas gracias.

Novedades / Actualidad / Alien Fate of the Nostromo (Ravensburger)
« en: 04 de Mayo de 2021, 11:10:16  »
Os pego una noticia que salio el dia oficial de Alien (pasado el dia 26 de Abril) de un "juego" de la franquicia.

Ridley Scott’s Alien is always going to end the same way. Ellen Ripley will always think she’s escaped the Nostromo until one last, surprise showdown with the alien, which she then—finally—blasts into space. It’s a fantastic ending. The culmination of an undeniable masterpiece. Now imagine sitting down to watch Alien and not know what’s going to happen. Maybe everyone lives. Maybe everyone dies. Later this summer, that’ll be up to you: Ravensburger is releasing a brand new board game called Alien: Fate of the Nostromo.

It’s a collaborative, strategy-based, thriller board game that makes anywhere from one to five players members of the Nostromo crew. Together, players must survive and escape before the alien kills them, which means the game will never end the same way the movie does. Either everyone wins, or everyone loses, and each can be accomplished in several different ways. To celebrate Alien Day—April 26, aka 4/26 (as in moon LV-426)—io9 was the first to talk to the game’s designer Scott Rogers about Fate of the Nostromo, revealing some brand new details and images.

Photo: 20th Century/Ravensburger
“We want to give our players the thrill of victory against a foe that otherwise would just wipe them out,” Rogers told io9. “But that said, you can get wiped out by the alien, so don’t go into this game thinking it’s going to be a breeze.”

Board game fans will find the basic gameplay of Alien: Fate of the Nostromo very familiar. Using a board that’s designed to replicate the layout of the famous ship, each player chooses a character token and mat. Using those, they’ll complete assigned objectives using a certain amount of actions per turn. Eventually, when each player completes their objective (while hopefully avoiding the killer alien running around), everyone teams up for one ultimate final mission, which will decide the fate of the Nostromo.

A game like this can’t just be basic though. It’s freaking Alien. So the key for Rogers was to make sure the game felt like the movie, with all the bells, whistles, and emotions that entails.

The game board.
Image: 20th Century/Ravensburger
“The goal is to play the movie,” Rogers said. “I wanted to make sure that that thrill and that tension that is so amazing in the film, why we still love the film to this day, was represented [and] given justice in the game. So, of course, the goal is to create these moments of tension as you are hustling through the Nostromo to get the heck out of there as this murderous creature is wandering the halls and the air vents and whatnot.”

This happens in a few ways. One is that the alien, who is an AI character driven by cards and tokens, can’t be defeated. At least not until the very end. You just have to hope to avoid the many places it pops up, or survive the deadly encounters, and that’s where much of the actual scares come into play.

“The thing that I thought was scary about the alien in both the film and the game design is the unpredictability of it,” Rogers said. “You never know where it’s going to show up. It’s always going to be kind of a surprise. And then when it’s out, you’re like, ‘I don’t want to be anywhere near this thing. I want to get as far away as possible.’”

Encounter cards drive some of your showdowns with the alien.
Image: 20th Century/Ravensburger
Another thing that hopefully adds to the fear in Alien: Fate of the Nostromo is Ash. Ash, of course, is the android turncoat—another bad guy in Alien who plays a similar role in the game. While it would’ve been easy for Rogers to replicate the film by making one of the crew members a secret turncoat like Ash is, he always wanted the game to be about working together, not deception. So instead, Rogers made Ash an optional addition that creates another level of difficulty for advanced players. The game’s very own Hard mode.

“Ash is essentially a second bad guy that roams the board,” Rogers said. “He does what he does in the movie. He’s actively working against everybody else ... He’s getting rid of resources. The things that you need to complete your objectives. Ash is coming in and thrashing [them].”

Bring Ash in... if you dare.
Image: 20th Century/Ravensburger
Oh, and of course Jonesy the cat is in the game. He appears on Conceal tokens, which are spread across the board before gameplay begins.

The five playable characters in Alien: Fate of the Nostromo, though, are the five main Nostromo crew members still breathing when the alien is set loose: Dallas, Ripley, Lambert, Brett, and Parker. You’d imagine everyone would want to be Ripley, and in fact, Alien: Fate of the Nostromo can be played alone, but Rogers was careful to make the each of the characters just as cool and unique as they are in the film.

“We wanted to have each of the player characters represent their personalities in some way,” he said. “So, for example, one of my favorites is Brett. He’s the engineer and so it costs him one resource less to craft things because he’s the guy that’s crafting things in the movie anyway.” Another example is Lambert, who has the unique ability to veto a card because she’s the most “cautious and sensible” of the crew. Dallas has more possible actions than everyone else, because he’s the captain. The whole game is filled with little references and winks to the film like that, which could only come from a true fan.

The detail on these player mats are amazing.
Image: 20th Century/Ravensburger
When Rogers heard Ravensburger wanted to make an Alien game, he went after it aggressively. Though he’d only designed a few boardgames (Rayguns and Rocketships and Pantone the Game) to date, he spent years working on franchise video games like God of War, Pac Man World, Darksiders, and Warhammer 40,000. He knew the space, pun intended, and the franchise very well.

“I have been a die hard Alien fan since 1979, even though I never saw the movie until years later,” he said. Which sounds suspect until he explains he didn’t see the film when it came out because his mother thought it was too scary and wouldn’t let him. Instead, he went to the local store and stocked up on Topps Alien trading cards until he put together a full set and finally pieces together the story. Suffice to say, the resulting game is made with that sort of passion.

“All the items you are collecting, the types of objectives you are doing, the finales of the game, are all based on things in the film,” Rogers said. “For example, one of the objectives is get to the Narcissus, the shuttlecraft, and get the heck out of there. But another one might be ‘Let’s blow it out of the airlock to try to get rid of it,” which is a line that Dallas says ... And so even though that’s just almost like a throwaway line in the film, it became the foundation of one of the endings of the game. So it’s a little bit like ‘What if?’ You look at all the things that are presented in the film and you say, ‘Well, what if that was an actual ending that the player could do during the game?’”

Mission cards are what drive how you either win, or lose, the game.
Image: 20th Century/Ravensburger

Conceal cards (Jonesy!) give you random scares across the board.
Image: 20th Century/Ravensburger

Item tokens can be combined and have various functions.
Image: 20th Century/Ravensburger

Crucially, all of this cards, tokens, figures and more, come with the full license and likeness rights to the Alien franchise, from Tom Skerritt and Yaphet Kotto, all the way down to Sigourney Weaver herself. That wasn’t always a guarantee either, but Rogers says the collaboration between Ravensburger and Fox to get there was smooth and easy.

Which, ultimately, is what he hopes fans will find in Alien: Fate of the Nostromo. A fun, collaborative experience that will both make you feel like you’re in Alien, but also that fate of the Nostromo is not written in stone. “We all know how the real story ends, right?” Rogers said. “It’s only Ripley and then she goes on to Aliens. But it’s fun to create this alternate reality in which the crew of the Nostromo can persevere.”

Alien: Fate of the Nostromo will be available August 1 wherever games are sold and retails for $30.

A nivel de juego no aporta nada, es seguir la historia evitando al bicho hasta llegar a un punto donde se dara la posibilidad de cambiar el desenlace de la pelicula y poder "ganar" no solo quedando Ripley viva y tirando al alien por la escotilla.

Edito para poner el enlace original Pinchame

Novedades / Actualidad / Stellaris Infinity Legacy - 4x (LatePledge)
« en: 14 de Marzo de 2021, 06:43:05  »
Pelota$$$$o de campaña para un 4x tipo Twilight Imperium de la mano de Academy Games que ya cuenta con algunos titulos sacados en esta plataforma. De los cuales su mayor exito de campaña fue con el Nare Nostrum (Yo estoy esperando el One Small Step).


Ojito que los envios a EU salen entre 30-40$ mas impuestos. (Tienen hub en Alemania)
Lo mas reseñable es que plantean la posibilidad de guardar tu partida y retomarla en cualquier momento con un setup extramadamente rapido, ya que todo tu tableau queda recogidito en una caja especial que ademas hace el papel de pantalla para jugar un poco en secreto tus acciones.
Tambien podrias abandonar tu imperio y comenzar uno nuevo y el viejo se mantendrá en juego gestionado por un bot.

Based on the acclaimed Stellaris PC game, Stellaris Infinite Legacy offers everything you love about 4x board games with the customization and emergent story that makes the Stellaris PC game special. Stellaris Infinite Legacy is an accessible 2 hour 4x board game for 2-4 players (2-6 with Empires Expansion) with easy rules that grow based on your choices during play. 

El early acces acaba en un par de dias.

Explore a galaxy full of wonders in this sci-fi grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studios. Interact with diverse alien races, discover strange new worlds with unexpected events and expand the reach of your empire. Each new adventure holds almost limitless possibilities.

La nueva plataforma de apoyo financiero a nuevos proyectos del jefe de Awaken Realms se apunta otro gran lanzamiento.


El proyecto es de MODIPHIUS ENTERTAINMENT que ya tiene en su haber varios titulos sacados de videojuegos y/o novelas como Fallout, Dune, Conan...
Poco o nada se sabe aun de como sera.

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