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Re:Successors (Dudas)
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Es que sí lo dice la hoja de ayuda, en la parte de segmento Tyche (Lo copi en inglés porque es la que he visto en BGG)

(must play 1 Event or Bonus card)
• Event card: Play for event or OPs.
• Bonus card: Play for event, OPs, or both; event before OPs.
• Surprise card: Play for event or discard, then draw replacement.

Spending Operation Points (choose 1 type of action per card)
• Place PCs: 1 PC per OP, in uncontrolled non-Transit Point spaces without en-
emy CUs, within 2 MPs of your PC, on map at start of this Segment, not over
Trans-Mediterranean, not through space with enemy PC or CU.
• Force-March: Activate 1 Army or General with MPs = OPs.
• Train CU: 3 OPs for 1 Mercenary CU, 7 OPs for 1 Loyal Macedonian CU, max 1
CU on Training Track at a time, partial training allowed, place as a Reinforcements
when finished.
• Upgrade a Fleet: Play a 4 OPs card to upgrade an available Fleet (not a Fleet in the
Dispersed Box) then check for Largest Fleet.
• Recruit a General: Play a 3 or 4 OPs card to recruit a Reserve General if you have
fewer Generals than you received in setup (fewer or equal in Game Turn IV or V).